Stain Guard For Carpets


Many people believe that having Stain Guard for carpets  applied to your carpet will not work. Although consumers will go from shop to shop trying to find the best carpet protector.  Mostly what’s sold in shops is something that maybe can do very small areas – no help is given on what to use on the stain afterwards, or how to put it on so that it will work the right way.

The whole point of having a Upholstery Fabric Spray Protector for furniture, is to protect it from what may spill on it over a period of time. And so you would think that most shops would be able to help you there as well, but this is not always the case. When considering Upholstery fabric Spray protector - you really should speak a specialist.

Having a  Carpet Protector spray put down can do wonders for your carpet and upholstery as well as your rugs, it makes it easier to get marks out but also helps prolong the life of your carpet – when you vacuum dry particles will come up much more easier, because dirt will be suspended.

When we at Carpet Cleaning Kensington4u.Com apply Upholstery Fabric Spray Protector to your carpets or upholstery – a bottle of spotter will be left with you. Should something spill on the carpet after we have gone – the spotter we leave you should do the job of taking the mark up. We will show you how to do this before we leave!  

Carpet Protector in your home or office is a smart way of protection. Once you have gone to the trouble of having your carpets cleaned professionally, it would be a good idea to finish the job off properly with a Stain Guard For Carpets, which can be applied and carried out much better by a trained technician.

We often have clients ask what can be done to keep the carpets looking cleaner for longer. The answer is really simple Carpet Protector. Having an Upholstery Fabric Spray Protector  for your furniture will make your life easier in the long run. But not all companies are like us – in leaving you a free bottle of spotter so do ask. One client asked how much is it to buy afterwards, we gave the answer just call and we will top the bottle back up again free of charge!